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Treating acne with antibiotics

When it comes to acne treatment, you have more than just one option to choose from. There are several acne treatment options at your aid such as natural acne treatment, acne treatment surgeries, OTC anti acne solutions, homeopathy cure and the like. Another way of treating acne could be by using antibiotics. Antibiotics work as an effective cure to acne.

Antibiotics help in treating acne by killing the acne causing bacteria. There are certain microorganisms known as P acnes that cause acne. These microorganisms are also known to cause inflammation that is often accompanied with acne. These antibiotics destroy these acne causing microorganisms and help in treating acne.

These antibiotics for acne treatment are usually available in the form of a pill. These pills are meant to be consumed orally forgetting rid of acne. Some of the most commonly used antibiotics for acne treatment include erythromycin, tetracycline, Tetracycline, Minocycline, Doxycycline , Clindamycin and others

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While oral antibiotics serve as an effective treatment for acne, there is a downside to it as well. Antibiotics are most often accompanied with some or the other side effects. These side effects can be either mild or severe. Some of the mild to moderate side effects of antibiotics as an acne treatment include redness or drying of the skin, minor gastrointestinal upset, flaking of skin amidst several others. Some major side effects of using antibiotics for treating acne include nausea, diarrhea, blood vomiting, severe inflammation, and redness of eyes amidst various others.

Since antibiotics are accompanied with several side effects, it would be only wise to look for a safer anti acne solution. There are several products such as the Zenmed hormonal acne defense system that help in dealing with acne without posing you to the risk of any harmful side effects. You can even look for various Zenmed customer testimonials to know how the product works sans side effects.

If you are considering using antibiotics for treating acne, then it is advised that you consult a doctor for the same. Make sure you evaluate the pros and cons of antibiotics fairly well before using them for treating acne.


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